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1.8 подруг Оушена (2018)
Выпущен • 7 июня 2018 г. • Экшн / Комедия / Криминал / Триллер
Debbie Ocean, a criminal mastermind, gathers a crew of seven other female thieves to pull off the heist of the century at New York's annual Met Gala.
2.Veere Di Wedding (2018)
Выпущен • 1 июня 2018 г. • Комедия / Драма
Kalindi, Avni, Sakshi and Meera are childhood friends. Kalindi and Rishabh are getting married, and the four gal pals come together for their veere’s wedding. But of course, there can be no shaadi...
3.Soft Matter (2018)
Выпущен • 1 июня 2018 г. • Комедия / Ужас / Н/Ф
Two trespassing graffiti artists, two immortality-obsessed scientists, and one furious sea-god.
4.Погоня за любовью (2018)
Выпущен • 1 июня 2018 г. • Комедия / Романтика
Determined not to turn into her parents, or be drawn into any relationship longer than a one night stand, Zoe constantly struggles with her failing business and love life. Then she falls in love...
5.How Long Will I Love You (2018)
Выпущен • 18 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Фентези / Романтика
Gu Xiaojiao, a young girl from 2018 and Lu Ming, a man from 1999, discovers that they have both woken up in the same bed at the same space-time. More surprisingly, they realize that they can time...
6.பாஸ்கர் ஒரு ராஸ்கல் (2018)
Выпущен • 17 мая 2018 г. • Экшн / Комедия / Романтика
Two children raised by single parents want to enjoy the happiness of a complete family. To achieve this, they try to unite their parents, but end up in trouble.
7.Дэдпул 2 (2018)
Выпущен • 15 мая 2018 г. • Экшн / Комедия / Н/Ф
Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool battles the evil and powerful Cable and other bad guys to save a boy's life.
8.Class Rank (2018)
Выпущен • 11 мая 2018 г. • Комедия
Two teens and two elderly people have love upend their lives.
9.Spivak (2018)
Выпущен • 11 мая 2018 г. • Комедия
A self-loathing, failed Eastside novelist living in the ‘hipster’ neighborhood of Echo Park in Los Angeles is shocked to find himself falling in love with everything he hates, including a simple...
10.레슬러 (2018)
Выпущен • 9 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Драма
For his widower father, Sung-woong devotes his life to become a wrestler even though wrestling doesn’t interest him. But not knowing about this, Gui-bo sacrifices everything for his son. But...
11.Как разговаривать с девушками на вечеринках (2018)
Выпущен • 5 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Музыка / Романтика / Н/Ф
An alien touring the galaxy breaks away from her group and meets two young inhabitants of the most dangerous place in the universe: the London suburb of Croydon.
 6.6/10 1080p23
12.Pup Star: World Tour (2018)
Выпущен • 5 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Семейные / Музыка
PUP STAR is back, with an all-new movie that takes the popular singing dogs on trip around the world, where Tiny and friends find fantastic new songs and meet exciting new canine singers that prove...
13.The List (2018)
Выпущен • 4 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Романтика
Alex, a lovable, unassuming dog trainer is in love with a great woman - Katherine - smart, talented, from a good family. Katherine adores Alex's quirky sense of humor, honesty and capacity to...
14.Мастер Очистки (2018)
Выпущен • 4 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Драма / Фентези
The story of a heartbroken man who attends a spiritual retreat, only to discover that the course releases more than everyday toxins and traumatic experiences.
15.இருட்டு அறையில் முரட்டு குத்து (2018)
Выпущен • 4 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Ужас
A sexually-starved spirit traps two couples in a bungalow in Bangkok where they have planned to stay for a week. The spirit wants one of the two men to have sex with her. Can they manage to escape?
16.Аферисты поневоле (2018)
Выпущен • 4 мая 2018 г. • Комедия
In an effort to avoid paying off a massive gambling debt to a notorious mobster in England, a couple flees to Los Angeles and hatch a jewel theft plot.
17.Дафни и Вельма (2018)
Выпущен • 29 апреля 2018 г. • Экшн / Комедия / Криминал / Ужас
Before their eventual team-up with Scooby and the gang, bright and optimistic Daphne and whip-smart and analytical Velma are both mystery-solving teens who are best friends but have only met online...
18.பக்கா (2018)
Выпущен • 27 апреля 2018 г. • Экшн / Комедия
A heart-broken girl who decides to commit suicide is saved by a person who is a look alike of the former’s lover
19.The Week Of (2018)
Выпущен • 27 апреля 2018 г. • Комедия
The parents of a soon-to-be married couple make the final preparations for the wedding ceremony.
20.Супер-конвенция (2018)
Пост-продакшн • 27 апреля 2018 г. • Комедия
A ragtag group of former TV stars and comic book artists who make their living working at conventions decide to steal the loot from a crooked promoter and an overbearing former TV icon.